The Strength Club information package.


Please read all the sections below, as this will help you get the most from the Strength Club.

Warm up

With each workout, you have a designated warm-up protocol.

A warm-up should never be seen as an inconvenience before the “real” work; a warm is the beginning of the work. It can influence the workout to come.

We warm-up using the “RAMP” protocol; Raise, Activate & Mobilise, Prepare (/Potentiate).

Raise heart rate, core temperature, muscle temperature and increased blood flow (joint viscosity). This phase essentially gets the system “warmed up” through various mechanisms, across temperature, metabolic and neural systems.

Activate muscles and mobilise joints through various dynamic movements to prepare for the upcoming session. There can be long-term goals/needs addressed within the mobility phase (i.e., increase range of motion of the ankle joint to improve squat movement etc).

Prepare for the work to come (movement patterns) in a progressive manner.

This phase serves as the transition from the activation/mobilisation phase to the “main” training session. This should focus on skill, movements and physical capacities required in the work to come (i.e. Preparation for high bar back squats can be progressed from bodyweight to a low percentage of the desired load with higher reps, this is known as warm-up sets, more on this below).

Reps in reserve

Reps in Reserve (RIR) is a metric for intensity and can enable you to adjust the load accordingly each workout. Think of it as “Reps left in the tank”.

Example 1:

Mary’s first exercise is squats, her target rep range is 8 reps @ 2-3 RIR

Mary chooses 80kg and achieves the 8 reps but feels there was only 1 rep left in the tank at this weight. Therefore, she adjusts the load to 70kg for the next set and achieves 8 reps @ 2- 3 reps left in the tank.

Example 2:

John is deadlifting for 5 reps @ 2 RIR x 4 sets

John chooses 150kg, hits his 5 reps but notices he could’ve done another 4 reps or so (aka 4 RIR) Therefore john adjusts the load and increments to 170kg which he hits his 5 reps and knows he only has 2 reps in the tank (2 RIR)

Below is a chart showing the relationship between Rate of perceived exertion (RPE) and RIR.

Working sets and warm up sets

Working sets are those set out within the app.

Generally, the lower your desired rep range, the higher the load, the warm-up sets you need.

Warm-up sets are sets of the exercise you do to hit the load within the working set.


Let’s say the app says, “3 sets of deadlifts for 5 reps @ 2 RIR” and for you this is 150kg.


You wouldn’t start that first set with 150kg, you would begin with a much lighter load and increment up to the working set across 3 or so sets.

  • 60kg (incl bar) x 6
  • 80kg x 4 
  • 100kg x 3
  • 120kg x 2
  • 150kg working set, 5 reps @ 2 RIR.

You wouldn’t begin the workout with a load at 2 RIR, you would increment the load accordingly

How do I cancel my subscription?

It’s very easy to cancel your subscription; simply go to your account, click subscriptions and hit cancel.

You can re-join at any time.