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What you get:

  • Evidence-informed coaching

  • 2 weeks of workouts; resistance training x2/week

  • 2 Nutrition Lessons

Easy to use App

An easy to use app allows you to be coached individually; this ensures you all get the same high-quality service and efficiency in your training.

App includes:

  • Workout log
  • Individual progress tracking
  • Individual reports (Workout reports, sport science reports i.e. Rate of  perceived exertion, readiness to train etc)
  • Demonstration videos


Monitor your Nutrition adherence and progress in-app.

  • Individualised targets (Calories and Macros) are assigned to you.
  • Track your measurements weekly
  • Bi-weekly check0in

Easy to use yet impactful habit tracking.

Be it drinking more water, getting to sleep on time or moving more; habit tracking makes it easier to implement and stick!