8 week group coaching

Evidence-informed coaching

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8 weeks – Guaranteed results

Crafted by Science

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No fad, crash, restrictive diets or starvation challenges.

It’s about small improvements which over time make major changes

Make this the last “diet” you ever do.

The 8 week crafted by science program is about teaching and coaching you to help identify what works best for you.

This program has been built over many years and many clients; you won’t find a program like this elsewhere.

Want to build muscle, strength and improve your fitness?

Want structure, accountability, accurate information and evidence-informed coaching?

Then apply now.

What you’ll get:

  1. Individualised Nutrition Targets
  2. Sample meal plans
  3. Weekly Assessment
  4.  1 to 1 fortnightly check-ins
  5. Workouts (At Home or Gym)
  6. Conditioning (Optional)
  1. Activity Goals
  2. Video Lessons on Nutrition
  3. Private Group Live Q&As
  4. Supportive Community
  5. Ongoing Support
  6. Opportunity to stay on for as long as you want (Price depends on what program you want to keep)

    Easy to use App

    An easy to use app allows us to coach you individually; this ensures all clients get the same high-quality service and efficiency in their training.

    App includes:

    • Workout log
    • Individual progress tracking
    • Individual reports (Workout reports, sport science reports i.e. Rate of  perceived exertion, readiness to train etc)
    • Demonstration videos


    Workouts programmed and planned for you each month.

    A new workout phase is uploaded to the calendar each month, on the 1st of the month.

    After your initial 8 weeks you can work with me year-round and I do the heavy lifting…………well actually you do (gym joke)…….but Iplan, arrange, organise, manage and monitor it for you!

    Monitor your Nutrition adherence and progress in-app.

    • Individualised targets (Calories and Macros) are assigned to you.
    • Track your measurements weekly
    • Bi-weekly check-in

    Easy to use yet impactful habit tracking.

    Be it drinking more water, getting to sleep on time or moving more; habit tracking makes it easier to implement and stick!

    Who is this for?

    This is for you if you want to:

    1. Improve your nutrition (be it fat loss or muscle gain)
    2. Improve your strength (Gym or at home)
    3. Improve your fitness (any form of cardio you enjoy)

    Who is this not for?

    This is not for you if you have specific needs/wants (i.e, Specific training/Performance goal(s), very specific nutritional needs such as sub-clinical/clinical considerations)

    Do I need access to a gym?

    No. You can perform the training  in the Gym or at home.

    Is there conditioning?

    Yes! Run, Bike, Row whatever your preference.

    Is there Nutrition?

    Yes, individualised targets and group support