The Strength Club – €30

Join any time.

Evidence-informed virtual coaching.

Semi-customisable program in your pocket.

Monthly payment, cancel anytime.

Easy to use App

An easy to use app allows me to coach the group while each individual can scale the intensity/complexity of the workout to their capacity.; this ensures all members get the same high-quality service and efficiency in their training.

App includes:

  • Workout log
  • Individual progress tracking
  • Individual reports (Workout reports, sport science reports i.e. Rate of  perceived exertion, readiness to train etc)
  • Demonstration videos


Workouts programmed and planned for you each month.

A new workout phase is uploaded to the calendar each month, on the second week of the month.

You can work with Momentum Performance/David Galvin Coaching year-round and we do the heavy lifting…………well actually you do (gym joke)…….but we plan, arrange, organise, structure, manage and monitor it for you!

Who is this for?

If you are looking to gain strength, build muscle and be efficient & effective with your workouts, this is for you!

Do I need access to a gym?

Yes, we assume all members have access to a gym.

You can substitute and swap exercises, should you find your gym doesn’t have certain equipment.

Is there conditioning?

No, but you can enquire about 1 to 1 coaching.

Is there Nutrition?

No, but you can enquire about 1 to 1 coaching.